This configuration worksheet was designed to give our engineers an overview of what you’d like to achieve. This will give us a much better understanding of your configuration and goals.  Once you've submitted the form, we will look over your requirements and get back to you with a quote. 

ShipperHQ is a shipping rate management solution that allows you to fully customize the rates and options you show to your customers at checkout. 

If you have any questions, please contact us at, otherwise we'll be in contact!  
What eCommerce platform are you on? *

How can we help? Please explain what you need from the ShipperHQ team

For example: Do you want us to fully configure your account for you?  Do you have questions about how ShipperHQ can fit your needs?
What are you looking to do with ShipperHQ?

How many websites will you have linked to ShipperHQ?

This includes dev sites, but multi-site Magento instances count as a single site. (Not applicable for BigCommerce)
How many Origins (Warehouses) do your products ship from? *

Where will you be shipping to? Please list countries or regions that you'll be shipping to.

Example: US48, Alaska&Hawaii, APO & PO Boxes, International
What carriers will you be using?

Will you have restrictions in place? Please list.

Example: "Certain products can't ship internationally", "I always use UPS for shipments to certain states and FedEx for other states", "Orders over 300 pounds should ship via an LTL carrier"
What advanced features do you plan to use?

What is your shipping request volume?

Do you need this completed within a certain timeline?

When do you need configuration completed?

What is your budget? *

Example: "No more than $5,000", "Between $800 and $1,000", "Approximately $2,500"
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